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EMERGENCY Board Up Services in Greensboro, NC

During storms and natural disasters, boarding up your home can be a great way to protect your home or business from debris, projectiles, rain, harsh winds, and more. Board up services are also important in response to damage that has already affected the home or business in order to prevent exposure to the elements and possible further damage. All Brothers Restoration offers board up services for both commercial and residential properties to anyone who wants or needs assistance with the task.

Board up services protect your residential or commercial property from severe weather conditions and the damage that often comes along with it. It is important to respond quickly in the event that your local area is threatened by a storm or natural disaster, that is why our team will get to work right away to ensure your safety. The last thing you want to deal with during a hurricane, tornado, or severe storm is water and debris pouring in from a broken window, or an injury to you or someone in your home or business from broken glass or something that came through a window. Boarding up your home or business is a preventative measure that can help you stay safe in times where extreme weather conditions can cause stress and uncertainty. 

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If your home has broken windows, doors, or even a hole in the roof, boarding up the affected area can assist you in avoiding further damage. There are many instances that could cause this sort of damage to your home such as fires, storms, natural disasters, break-ins, or even accidents like a baseball through a window. Exposure to the elements can cause water damage, flooding, mold, and eventually more structural damage from these elemental exposures. Depending on the damage, it is also important to aid you in protecting your home or business from vandalism, trespassing, theft, and local crimes that are often opportunistic. Having pests, bugs, or unwanted animals in your home or business after a disaster can be an absolute nightmare. Luckily contacting a trustworthy board up business like All Brothers Restoration can help you board up the damage to avoid all of these possibilities and more. The sooner the damage is boarded up, the less of a chance you will have major damage to deal with.


We understand that seeing damage to your home or business can be overwhelming, as can the idea of preparing your home for a severe weather incident. In instances where it all feels like too much, put your trust in a dependable and hard-working board up business like All Brothers Restoration. Your safety is our first priority, followed by the safety and preservation of your residential or commercial property. Our team is composed of highly trained professionals that can lock down your home and allow you to weather the storm! Call or contact us online using our contact form right away if you have damage to your property or are facing a storm warning that requires our services.

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