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EMERGENCY Flood Damage Services in Greensboro, NC

No matter what the cause, flood damage is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Whether its a natural disaster, poor city infrastructure, appliance malfunction, or even an accident or oversight in the home or commercial property, the end results are the same. All Brothers Restoration is here to assist you with your flood damage cleanup and return your property to the beautiful and comfortable space it once was.

Water moves quickly, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Not only does it affect everything it comes into contact with that we can see such as documents, personal belongings, furniture, technology, and inventory if you are in a commercial setting, but it affects the building’s structural integrity as well. The water damage we can’t see- in the walls, under the floors, and all around us- is what is causing the serious structural damage including:

  • Destroying the electrical wiring within our home or business, not just creating a huge problem but could possibly cause a potential threat to harm those in the building
  • Weakening drywall, causing it to swell, warp, rot, and deteriorate
  • Causes cracks in foundation
  • Warping floorboards, moulding, baseboards, etc. 

These are just a few common examples of what can happen with prolonged water exposure. That is why it is so important to focus on water mitigation and removal right away- ideally within 24 hours of the flooding incident in Greensboro, NC.

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There is another important invader besides water that we look at when dealing with flood damage restoration- mold! It is no secret that mold can have so many negative side effects on your health and wellbeing, but it also creates a plethora of structural problems. Not only is it unsightly, but it comes with a foul stench that just will not go away and will make it unpleasant for you and others to be in your home or business. Ignoring mold can cause it to run rampant, while trying to clean it can sometimes cause mold spores to travel throughout the property, allowing mold to breed and produce in another location. Creating damp environments like those exposed to flooding and water damage not only invites mold into the home or business, but allows many other microorganisms, bacteria, and germs to make themselves comfortable in your space as well. Luckily our team of professionals know just how to remediate mold and leave your space feeling fresh and sanitary in no time.


When it comes to flood damage repair in Greensboro, NC, it is so important to bring on the right team of professionals. Our experts at All Brothers Restoration are experienced and can help with flood damage and all of the potential risks and byproducts that comes with it.  From water removal to reconstruction and everything in between, our crew is there for you! If you find yourself in a situation where flood damage restoration is needed, don’t waste another second. Call us or use the contact for on our website so we can get started on your flood damage repair today.

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