Sewage Cleanup Services in Charlotte, NC

EMERGENCY Sewage Cleanup Services in Charlotte, NC

Sewage cleanup in Charlotte, NC is not only a filthy job, but a hazardous and time-consuming job as well! It requires a strong stomach to be handled, and doing so without the proper safety equipment and protection can be extremely dangerous to your health and the health of those you come into contact with. If you find your property in need of sewage backup cleanup in Charlotte, NC you can take some relief in knowing that All Brothers Restoration is here to do the dirty work for you. 

Whether it is caused by a ruptured pipe, natural disaster, flooding, septic system failure, or any situation where water comes into contact with raw sewage, it should be a great relief to know you don’t need to put yourself or those around you at risk to reverse the damage! In a sewage backup situation, it is important to evacuate the affected areas in order to prevent exposing yourself or those in your building to harmful bacteria, germs, and microorganisms such as giardia, hepatitis A, tetanus, and other scary or life threatening illnesses and infections. Once you and your employees, customers, family, friends, children and pets are safely evacuated, call a professional to get the job started right away and combat any of the damage that is being done by the incident.



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Along with the visual damage caused, sewage causes horrendous odors and can lead to structural damage, water damage, and mold growth. All Brothers Restoration has the proper protective gear and equipment to handle the job safely and to sanitize the space making it safe for others to use once the job is done. We take our time and assess the situation, making sure to cut the problem off at the source and work on cleaning, repairing, and restoring from there. Paying special attention to details is important in ensuring any threat of contamination and exposure to human waste and the pathogens that come along with it are removed 100% so our customers can rest easy knowing their home or business is safe for everyone. 


You may feel as though handling a sewage cleanup on your own is a good option, but don’t put yourself at risk! Oftentimes there are things that may go overlooked when doing the job as a non professional as you may not have the experience to know certain steps must be taken to complete the job fully. Our team of experts will leave no stone left unturned when it comes to renewing your home or business after exposure to a sewage mishap. We are also qualified to handle any water damage or mold remediation that will need to be done as a result of it. 


Sewage cleanup is a big job that can have many drastic repercussions if not handled properly and immediately. Don’t put your trust in just anyone- trust All Brothers Restoration to protect you and your loved ones and restore your property. Call us or contact us using our online contact form at the first signs of an emergency to get the problem resolved right away.

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Charlotte is the most populous city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The Charlotte region is home to many annual festivals and special events. The Carolina Renaissance Festival operates on Saturdays and Sundays each October and November. 

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