How to Prevent Indoor Fires and the Need for Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Restoration in Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to our homes and businesses, it is a top priority to take the utmost care of the property and ensure everything is well maintained to extend the lifespan of the residential or commercial property. Some things you may do but not even realize is preventative care and maintenance- including fire prevention. Having a fire in your home or business can be absolutely devastating, so practicing fire safety in the home or business is crucial. Here are some things to incorporate into your daily practices in order to help you prevent fire damage and the need for fire and smoke damage restoration.

Practice Safe Kitchen Etiquette

Many indoor fires start in the kitchen. Many kitchen appliances rely on heat and even open flame to cook our food for us, which can make them a bit more dangerous to work with. Below are some tips to help you avoid indoor fires when working in the kitchen:


  • Never leave cooking food unattended, and avoid burning food with the help of kitchen timers and reminders. 
  • Oil and grease are highly flammable. Be sure to clean your stovetop between uses and take extra precautions when frying food
  • Be aware of fabrics such as cleaning towels and clothing, paper goods, and other flammable materials when you are cooking. 
  • Update your kitchen appliances with outdated wiring when necessary
  • Be aware of pot handles and try to position them in a way that will make it difficult to knock off the stove or be grabbed by children
  • Keep your kitchen clean as dust, crumbs, and other remnants of food can be flammable
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible location

Never Leave An Open Flame Or Heating Appliance Unattended

Candles, fireplaces, curling irons, and other heat or flame sources can easily ignite under the right circumstances. Never leave the house when any of these items are on, and always make sure to be aware of burning candles or open flames while you are home. Make sure the area surrounding the flame is clear of flammable materials and can’t be knocked over or accessed by pets and little ones.

Update Your Electrical Appliances As Needed

Outdated wiring on electrical appliances are not perfectly compatible with newer wiring. The same can be said for old wiring and newer electronics. That is because the older wiring cannot handle the amount of electricity that is being generated by the newer appliance or wiring. If you notice any damaged wiring, frequent power surges, or burning smells, for example, it may be a good time to assess your wiring or replace the electronic item that is causing trouble in order to avoid starting a fire.

Maintain Your Smoke Detectors And Fire Extinguishers Properly

Having well maintained and fully functional smoke detectors in your home can literally save your life and can potentially prevent a small fire from spiraling out of control. That is why it is super important to adhere to proper maintenance protocols. Smoke detectors should be kept free of dust and debris in order to work efficiently. Batteries should be changed at least once a year, or when the smoke detectors chirp to alert you of a low battery level. Be sure to test your smoke detectors on a somewhat regular basis- like monthly or quarterly. Smoke detectors should be updated approximately every ten years.

Maintaining your fire extinguishers in your home or business is just as important. There are many different types of fire extinguishers that require different care and maintenance procedures, so be sure to learn about the extinguisher you keep in your home and charge or replace them as necessary. Also be sure to keep your extinguisher in an area that is easy to access in case of an emergency, and make everyone in your home or business aware of where they can find it if they need it. 

Keep Your Appliance Filters Clean

Lint traps contain highly flammable materials that absolutely can start a fire. Be sure to clean the lint trap between each use. Keeping your AC filters clean and changing them on a regular schedule can also help you to prevent indoor fires.

These tips take little to no effort to implement into your day to day life, but can make such a difference when it comes to fire prevention. Even with these things in mind, accidents do happen, and sometimes a fire can be caused by something out of your control. If you have experienced a household fire, don’t go through the restoration process alone. If you are currently dealing with fire damage and are in need of fire and smoke damage restoration, contact All Brothers Restoration today.

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