Signs You May Have a Leak and the Need To Seek Out Water Damage Restoration


You may think having a leak in your residential or commercial property would always be blatantly obvious. Sometimes leaks can be happening in areas we cannot see or easily access, like behind your walls or under the floorboards. Oftentimes leaks that are just out of sight like under your sink can go unnoticed for long enough to cause damage and start a cycle of water damage that requires water damage restoration in order to prevent mold growth and other serious repercussions. It can be helpful to be sure to check the pipes that are not always visible from time to time in order to prevent this from happening, but what about the plumbing and pipes that you can’t access? Typically when there is a leak occurring behind the surface there are things that may indicate that. If you suspect there may be a leak in your home that you can’t access, be sure to contact your water damage restoration specialists nearby to help repair any damage from this situation. Here are some things you should look out for.

Random Changes in Water Pressure

If you find that your water pressure has changed without good cause it could be the first indication that there is a leak somewhere in your home or business. Leaks make it difficult for water to flow where it needs to, thus creating a dip in your water pressure. Depending on the leak, this decreased pressure can happen in a localized area- like in just one bathroom or your shower, for example- or it can cause your entire home or business to feel the effects.

High Utility Bills or More Water Usage Than Normal

Even a tiny leak can cause you to waste an extreme amount of water over time. If you receive monthly water bills and notice that the bills are higher than usual, there is a chance that a leak may be causing the fluctuation. If you suspect a leak, keeping track of your water usage can be a great way to know for sure. Of course there are things that will affect your water usage besides leaks, like having guests in from out of town or needing to do more laundry than usual, so it is important to use your best judgment. If there is no logical reason for your bills and usage to spike, then the amount of water you are using shouldn’t either.

Structural Damage

You may not see water, but water damage often causes other signs that can alert you to a leak. Things like discoloration of your walls and building materials, mold and mildew, sagging ceilings, warped floorboard and drywall, and peeling or blistering paint can be manifestations of water damage below the surface.

Unpleasant and Lingering Odors

Water damage can often cause a lingering, mildew-like or musty odor. This odor will persist regardless of how clean your space is or how often you burn candles or use air fresheners. The presence of mold can also cause the smell you are experiencing.

Just because you can’t see a leak, doesn’t mean it isn’t causing damage and even costing you money. If you suspect you may have a leak in your property, don’t wait for the damage to spiral out of control. Contact All Brothers Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency services and can get started on your water damage restoration process immediately.

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